United States Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women and Office of Justice Programs


Under contract with Lockheed Martin


OVW: Provides federal leadership in developing the national capacity to reduce violence against women and administer justice for and strengthen services to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
OJP: provides innovative leadership to federal, state, local, and tribal justice systems, by disseminating state-of-the art knowledge and practices across buy xanax rx America, and by providing grants for the implementation of these crime-fighting strategies.


Perform a variety of roles to assist in the review of grant applications by peer-review panels, including:

  • Record and edit consensus comments for in-person meetings
  • Facilitate teleconference sessions
  • Host and take notes for online meetings via teleconference and Adobe Connect
  • Write, copyedit, and proofread summary reports of meetings

Author: Paul Lagasse

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