I turn ideas into action.

For over 20 years, Active Voice has specialized in providing high-quality marketing and technical communications for a wide range of nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and businesses. Active Voice offers a comprehensive suite of expert services at competitive rates and with flexible scheduling to meet the needs of its discerning clientele.

Marketing Communications

Your message must connect with stakeholders immediately, in order to hold on to their attention — and ensure their support.

Active Voice works with you to create compelling, engaging calls to action that generate the results you want.

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Technical Writing and Editing

Your policies and procedures must convey key information clearly if staff and volunteers are to perform well — and meet applicable standards.

Active Voice helps you develop easy-to-use manuals, documentation, and reports that allow your staff to work with greater efficiency.

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Project Support Services

Your administrative activities must be documented accurately in order to provide an official record — and ensure accountability.

Active Voice provides fast reporting, minute-taking, and transcription services that ensure mission-critical information is captured.

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