solecism for april 1, 2008

From “Is Mike Myers’ new film asking for trouble?,”, via AP:

“In the context of Sacha Baron Cohen’s uncomfortable in-character interactions with unwitting Americans, Mike Myers’ parody of another cultural minority in the U.S. — as the oversexed, overly ambitious, American-born spiritual leader in the summer comedy “The Love Guru” — would hardly seem cause for complaint.”

Until the Oversexed and Overly-Ambitious American-Born Spiritual Leaders Anti-Defamation League got wind of it and called a press conference.

solecism for january 19

From “Reading has gone to the dogs,” Baltimore Examiner, Weekend Edition, January 19-20, 12 [not available online as of this writing]:

“Since February 2007, Karma Dogs has participated in HEARTS, a reading program in which kids are paired with canines to better increase their vocabulary and reading skills. The dogs appear weekly at a designated Baltimore County library.”

solecism for january 8

A solecism is a ungrammatical combination of words or a verbal blunder. On the Active Voice blog, “Solecism” is a semi-irregular feature wherein I showcase sentences that need the services of a keen-eyed editor — or that just make me smile.

Our inaugural entry is the opening get antibiotics online sentence of the article, “Why do critics still sneer at sci-fi?,” by Sam Jordison, on yesterday’s Guardian Unlimited Arts Blog:

“The annual Hugo Awards for science fiction and fantasy have been running uninterrupted (with the exception of a brief hiatus in 1954) since 1953. “