Paul D. Lagasse, MA, MLS

Paul Lagasse has been a full-time freelance writer and editor since January, 2001. He obtained his MA in American History and his MLS in Archival Studies from the University of Maryland’s competitive HiLS (History and Library Science) interdisciplinary program. As a historian and archivist, he worked at a historical services firm (where he rose to the position of deputy division director), the National Archives, and the International Monetary Fund. He also earned fellowships at the National Museum of American History and the National Air and Space Museum.

As a freelance writer and editor, Paul has worked for a wide range of clients in the metro Baltimore-Washington region. His writing combines his passion for clarity, concision, and accuracy with the rigorous research, analytical, and management skills that he developed in academia and refined as a professional historian and archivist.

Paul’s unique combination of skills has allowed him consistently to meet the demanding needs of his clientele, which has come to him primarily through referrals — and who keep coming back. Let Paul put those skills to work for you, too.

  • Review Paul Lagasse’s CV and download a copy for your tickler file.
  • Paul Lagasse was awarded the 2001 John Southam Award.
  • Paul’s first novel, Seeing Through Clouds, is still in print. Visit the book’s official site. Find out how to buy the book here. Paul’s second book, the e-novella Invasion of the Orb Men, is available on the Amazon Kindle Store and on Smashwords.
  • Paul Lagasse served a four-year term as a grant reviewer on the literary arts panel of the Maryland State Arts Council.
  • Paul is documenting his ongoing research into the early history of air navigation and the life of navigation pioneer Captain Philip Van Horn Weems, USN, at Line of Position.